Who We Are

We Are Logic Group

The strength of our team is its members. The strength of our members is their team.

Bold thinking creates value. At Logic we celebrate original thinkers who challenge the received wisdom.

By giving our people the space to grow, imagine and thrive, they become personally invested in and passionate about your project.

We believe in finding new ways to do things, and are never afraid to challenge the norm where it can create value, and deliver cutting edge advantages for you, the client.

Your success is our success. Logic doesn’t simply participate in your project – we lead each project as if it were our own.

We believe you make your own luck. The best teams reach the top for a reason: careful strategy, skilled execution and unashamed hard work.

We understand the importance of sustainability to our clients, and put it at the heart of everything we do in the built environment.

Our people are your greatest asset. Logic’s uniquely agile, flexible, collaborative approach to each project leaves no stone unturned.

We’re at our best when under the pump – solving problems, not finding fault – and take pride in watching each other’s backs to deliver truly effective teamwork for you.

We believe in ourselves and in the first class job we do for our clients: a self-belief backed up by concrete results on the ground.



A full spectrum of project, contract, risk, change and stakeholder management services are provided in-house.


Let Logic’s experienced team take care of all aspects of strategy for you, from funding to development.


From complex surveying to navigating the financial maze, or simply finding the optimal site for your project, we’ve got evaluation taped.


Exploit our combined expertise and experience to negotiate the most advantageous contracts for you, across your project life cycle.


Our network becomes your network. Leverage our peerless industry contacts for the keenest financial advantage for your project.


We’ve invested in class-leading analytics so you don’t have to. Drill down through the murk with us for bottom line insights that count.


We Listen

We’ll analyse your project and tease out the economies for you, creating value and delivering you genuine advantage.


We Collaborate

Logic’s uniquely agile, flexible, people-based approach adapts intelligently to the shifting project landscape.


We Deliver

We believe in finding new ways to do things, and are never afraid to challenge the norm where it can deliver advantage.


We Support

With more than $500 million of buildings under our management, we’ll ensure your project continues to deliver excellence in perpetuity.


The Team

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