Oakwood Properties

Commercial, Facilities Management

Client:Oakwood Properties



Role:Project Management

A mixture of 10 buildings owned and managed by Oakwood Properties as part of their seismic strengthening programme.

We value our relationship with Oakwood Properties – they were our first Clients and we look forward to continuing this association.

The Challenge

If a building is tenanted (occupied and neighbouring), it brings an element of risk if not managed properly. Heritage buildings and the possible involvement of archaeologists can make co-ordination, awareness, and the overall process difficult.

The Process

Logic Group are clarified the wider project scope for each property, reviewing potential construction durations and implication for tenants and other stakeholders. Works are then scheduled to coincide with quiet periods in a tenants’ business, tenancy vacancies and stakeholder schedules to cause the least disruption.

The Solution

Ongoing communication/consultation with Oakwood Properties. Advanced consultation and planning with tenants and other stakeholders. Working with methodology issues with Contractors. Tailoring effective design and procurement delivery strategies.