Type:Client-side PM

An “A” grade building of the highest quality, the new ANZ Centre occupies the site of the old Triangle Centre in CBD Christchurch. With features such as base isolation, enclosed atrium, imported marble floor tiling, warm roof, basement bike & showering facilities,

and a full height curtain-wall glass facade in geometric shapes, owner Tim Glasson has been able to attract first class anchor tenants for the upper three floors of corporate office space, and ground floor retail.

The Challenge

The size and scale of the building. The pre-existing basement had been used to dump asbestos-contaminated CBD earthquake rubble, which required specialist treatment when removing. Unpredictable procurement and programme management due to the post-earthquake environment.

The Process

Logic coordinated all instruction, overseeing a project structured by the developer into a silo management model. Trusting in the design in cost management teams, and overseeing potential error-points, we fostered close and flexible collaboration within a diverse client team.

The Solution

Logic had to communicate efficiently with others so that matters already designed and agreed upon weren’t re-litigated in a manner costing all parties time and money. This relied on significant good will, and a clearly defined partnering model for all on this project.