Our Approach

Your Success Is Our Success

The Process


We lead your project as if it were our own

Our Performance

At Logic, we never rest on our laurels. By adopting a “think original – work clever” approach to everything we do, we’re able to continually tune our performance to achieve more for you. 

Adapting quickly and intelligently to a shifting project landscape, our people become personally invested in and passionate about their work – and your successful outcome.

We believe in finding new ways to do things, challenging the norm where it can create value, and delivering a cutting edge advantage for you, the client.

Project Ideation


We make it our business to fully understand your property and development objectives. We’ll analyse your project and tease out the economies for you, creating value and delivering you genuine advantage.

With our strong focus on financial feasibility and workability, we understand precisely when it’s important to maintain a holistic vision, and when to drill down to the details.

Cost Consultancy


We enjoy a peerless record of accurate project cost estimation, and want to keep it that way.

We’ll drill down into the details for you, assessing the cost overrun risks at the earliest stages of your project. That way you can enjoy complete confidence that the figure you leave the starting blocks with, is the one with which you cross the finish line.



At every stage of your project, you’ll want to know what’s unfolding on the ground and how best to move forward with the greatest speed and efficiency.

Wherever detailed insight is required, from complex surveying to navigating the financial maze, or simply in finding the optimal site for your project, we’ve got evaluation taped.

Project Management


Logic’s uniquely agile, flexible, people-based approach adapts intelligently to the shifting project landscape.

Structure, systems and process are critical, but so is a nimble adaptability to change. At Logic, we believe in finding new ways to do things, and are never afraid to challenge the received wisdom where it can deliver advantage.

Facilities Management


We offer a full spectrum facilities management solution over a lifetime relationship. Our clients trust us to plan and deliver high value properties: we extend our commitment to ensuring those assets achieve maximum value now, and long into the future.

With more than $500 million of buildings under our management, we’ll ensure your project continues to deliver excellence in perpetuity.

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