Logic Group – Alps to Ocean Adventure

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Seven riders, along with a very supportive crew member/driver, recently completed the 306km Aoraki (Mt Cook) to Oamaru – Alps to Ocean ride.

This adventure could be undertaken over a ‘relaxed’ 7-8 day period, a ‘classic’ 6 day adventure or a ‘fast’ 4 day ride…..from teh Alps to Ocean it should have been all down hill so decided to do it in 3 days!!!!!!

What could go wrong – one rider had 5 weeks experience, one had done no training, one hadn’t ridden a bike for 20 years, one of our beer drinking, and rugby playing member decided to use an electric bike (a humiliation of which he will be reminded for years to come!).

This motley crew set off bright eyed and bushy tailed – 3 days later a bit worse for wear, some great yarns…and some battered bodies….but still bright eyed and bushy tailed…completed the ride!

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