The Shands building on the move

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The Shands building is the oldest timber structure remaining in the Christchurch CBD and was located at 88 Hereford street.  Known as Shands Emporium more recently it was built on land owned by John Shands, an English immigrant farmer.

The land was leased to The Canterbury Provincial Superintendent William Moorehouse in 1859 who in turn leased it to Harry Johnstone a Solicitor.  Johnstone commissioned the wooden structure as a Solicitors office in 1860 for 300 pounds. Christchurch Heritage Ltd  (CHL) purchased the Shands Emporium from Antony Gough after it was deemed uneconomic to repair and not required on it original foundation at 88 Hereford street.

CHL bought it for $1 and have relocated it behind the Trinity Church where it will be linked by an Atrium to the Trinity church and connected to a new kitchen and other enabling services that will serve the Trinity and Shands and mitigate the need to construct invasive modern services in the Heritage structures

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